Shows 2011


We are braving the dog showing world and taking Tickhon and daughter Alana to the Rare Breeds show Sunday 31st July! 

At a recent judges training evening we discovered that Alana adores showing, loves the attention and struts her stuff around the ring like a professional, however, her brother Khottab would rather be a stay at home farm boy.  Tickhon is as nonchalant as ever and spent most of his time lying down!


The wonderful Colourbration Alpaca show at Bendigo is on August 20/21st this year and we are looking forward to showing our team of 6 alpacas - 3 boys and 3 girls.  This year we will have 4 apricot coloured to show which is exciting for us. 

Horses / Foals

Nothing planned at this stage for the foals, however, once their winter woollies are off then we will be seeing what is available to show off these super dressage ponies by that wonderful stallion Hilkens Black Delight.


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